Download Launchers Using Xposed Framework

The Android market is booming and so are the apps which can be used on the same platform. GO Launcher EX v2.86 is one of the most loved home applications which gives you the chance to customize your home screen, put up impressive themes, add animations and also add widgets to the screen. The Xposed Installer APK interface is really impressive and gives your phone a new look.

GO Launcher Ex has a number of features in store for you give you a user-friendly and intuitive experience whether you are a newbie or an advanced user. Some of the features which are indeed impressive are-

Three tabs are featured in the app drawer namely- ‘All’, ‘Recent’ and ‘Running’ tabs which can help you have a look at all the apps or the apps which you accessed recently or the apps which are in use currently.

Android Launchers Using Xposed

  • You can put up most commonly used icons or widgets on the home screen allowing you to open them whenever you swipe over such icons. These can be rearranged or removed as per your requirements.
  • You can even select transitions while flipping between the home screen. You can choose from a list of 10 different animations.
  • The “glide up” and “glide down” actions from one of the most sought after features of GO Launcher Ex. This means that if you set the glide up option with show app drawer, then it would open up the app drawer whenever you swipe up anywhere on the screen. The same goes for the “glide down” option.
  • The swiping options can also be customized for the icons present on your home screen. This can be done by choosing the gesture action while pressing the icon for long. For example, you can display the notification panel if you swipe up on the icon.
  • Loads of themes can be added to your phone thus giving a complete makeover to your device.

GO Launcher EX is basically the extended version of GO Launcher and shares a lot of features with LauncherPro. Both the applications are quite similar in terms of docks, shortcuts and the customizable options available in both of them. But GO Launcher EX is completely undisputed in terms of the number of home screen it offers as compared to a limited number in LauncherPro. However, the number of transition effects in LauncherPro are more as compared to that in GO Launcher EX. Though the differences aren’t many yet GO Launcher EX has a carved a niche for itself and more people are switching to the application.

Go Dev team members have succeeded to design an application which is eye catching and has plenty of features for the sophisticated users. Whether you talk about the widgets that can be added to the home screen or the themes available, the application is quite appealing. In fact, the speed is amazing and the application comes free. So the application which has set the people going is worth giving a try!